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Unique pieces

*1961 , Germany
  • 8 consecutive one-artist shows
    at the art Karlsruhe
  • International solo and group exhibitions
  • Pioneer of contemporary art
    German Pop-Art
  • Represented in the Würth Collection

Discover now unique pieces and unique works of contemporary art and pop art at your online gallery art box berlin. Marvel at the unique pieces from exquisite artists from around the world and from (still) unknown but rising stars of contemporary art. Discover the diversity of modern pop art and experience how each unique piece creates a very special mood. Experience unique color explosions, as in the unique pieces of Petra Rös-Nickel and David Tollmann or lose yourself in the depths and details of the unique pieces of Devin Miles and Jürgen Schmiedekampf.

Devin Miles is the insider tip from the online gallery art box berlin and is considered the most important representative of Pop Art in Germany. Both the artworks, as well as the unique pieces are characterized by a unique visual language and an incomparable technique. The unique pieces are created from a sophisticated screen printing process, free painting and the airbrush technique, which together merge into an incredible symbiosis and give the unique piece an incomparable uniqueness.

All unique pieces of our artists are hand-signed and of course come with a certificate of authenticity. Within Germany, we deliver the unique pieces from our specially trained carriers, at no additional cost, directly to your home. Do you have questions about one of the unique pieces, contemporary art or the artists of the online gallery art box berlin? Just give us a call and the team of the online gallery art box berlin will of course be at your disposal. We are also happy to welcome you in our on-site gallery in the heart of Timmendorfer Strand. Here you will find an exquisite selection of unique pieces and works of contemporary art directly on site. Stop by and enjoy the unique facets of pop art and contemporary art.


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Devin Miles

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